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Due to the lag in the server, we will be moving the server to a new location.

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RTCW Master Server Is back!! Smile

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PostSubject: PLAYER THAT CUSSING AGAIN AND AGAIN   19/07/16, 09:18 pm

This is a email from the player that was going by the name Rocks, he also uses the name Great White Rat. Ok last night around 6:00 pm this player was using the name the Great White Rat we played on the server together of 30 min. telling him it was good to see you how are you, things to make the player feel welcome here. I had to go and do something and when I came back he was gone. So I started playing the map that is after the forest map the player Great White Rat connects to the server still wanting the player to feel welcome I put him on the Axis team with me because the Axis team has the advantage. He didn't say anything he just started shooting the Allies the next map, I let him know that I was leaving. He saids who is the dumb son of a bitch that made you Admin. I was hoping that you and swi would be dead when I came back you worthless piece of [CENSORED]. I banned him for 60 min. I went to the ff web site and he had left me a email. I tried to copy and paste but its hard to see it. When I was reading the email I see that this is not the first time this player has emailed me. In 2014 He got very upset with me when I wouldn't tell him what country I lived in. I replied to his email very nicely and went back to the server and he was back on the server. I said to him so are we good? He started again talking trash and then he left. LoL I would like to help him with his anger but he starts talking trash. All I said is he needed to respect other players & if he couldn't that he would be banned.

17/07/16, 09:19 pm Topic: Re: RE. LETS START OVER Champion ok!
You're still a [CENSORED] scum bag. I was hoping to hear that you and that Bulgarian [CENSORED] bag sswolf were both dead.

Champion 20/03/14, 02:10 am Topic: Re: Hay its me KlcPlayer / Dad
What are you talking about? Storm Is definitely not your son. You sound like someone with mental problems. I asked you what country you're in and you respond with I keep asking over and over. You're most likely in the US. I was testing you. You don't know what country Storm is in.

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PostSubject: Re: PLAYER THAT CUSSING AGAIN AND AGAIN   26/07/16, 09:45 am

It's amazing how mentally disturbed trash like you tries to make yourself look so innocent. You are trash. In 2014 you kept telling me to call you dad, you sick twisted psychopath. You are a creepy a$$hole who is always on the damn server trying to talk to me when I made clear I think you are a mentally disturbed piece of $hit and that I do not want to play with you or speak with you. when I don't to talk to you that should make it clear I don;t want to talk with you, you retarded idiot. You likely molest children and the police have not caught you yet, you sick ba$tard. Who ever gave you administrator powers must have been drunk that day. It's trash like you that is killing this game faster.
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