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Due to the lag in the server, we will be moving the server to a new location.

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RTCW Master Server Is back!! Smile

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PostSubject: CONNECTION INTERRUPTION    02/03/16, 07:40 pm

when playing game on line RETURN TO CASLTE WOLFENSTEIN AND ONLY ON THIS SERVER /CONNECT F.CLANFF.COM OTHER RTCW Servers work ok, but I have asked other players if they r getting a CONNECTION INTERRUPTION signal & they say no and I have asked many players maybe u can help me find out what maybe the problem.
Kirk c.
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PostSubject: Re: CONNECTION INTERRUPTION    17/03/16, 10:02 am

Hello there Kirk!

Alex here. Ask Elver also known as walkingdead for some assistance. In the mean time Elver I found some shoes for you lol

Crazy alligator shoes
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PostSubject: Re: CONNECTION INTERRUPTION    27/03/16, 10:16 pm

lol alex
Kirk can you check whats your FPS value atm. Do it on the console by using this command /com_maxfps it will return you the value wich is set on your config, after that come and post it here.
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