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Due to the lag in the server, we will be moving the server to a new location.

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RTCW Master Server Is back!! Smile

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PostSubject: CONNECTION INTERRUPTION    01/03/16, 01:08 pm

28/02/16, 09:18 pm Topic: CONNECTION INTERRUPTION

when playing game on line RETURN TO CASLTE WOLFENSTEIN AND ONLY ON THIS SERVER /CONNECT F.CLANFF.COM I get CONNECTION INTERRUPTION OTHER RTCW Servers work ok, but I have asked other players if they r getting a CONNECTION INTERRUPTION signal & they say no and I have asked many players maybe u can help me find out what maybe the problem.
Kirk c.
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PostSubject: Re: CONNECTION INTERRUPTION    30/06/16, 12:45 pm

Elver do something of this server ! Server lagg in the late hours... If i play in day I don't have lag but if played on the night is terrible. I have no idea what you doing and I don't care but if you want ''donnation'' So do it good ! Basketball


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PostSubject: Re: CONNECTION INTERRUPTION    30/06/16, 02:07 pm

We are working on moving the server.
It will run on a new host very soon.
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