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Due to the lag in the server, we will be moving the server to a new location.

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RTCW Master Server Is back!! Smile

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 you wann cheat take server f

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Location : server f - sucks

PostSubject: you wann cheat take server f   09/12/13, 10:16 pm

this is the biggest fake server in the world....
they like hacks...aimbots....etc

they admins are the best....

they cant see any IP's lol bad guys

and storm tell them they dont kick kamil and viper LoL

what a clan

admins playing with hacks and dont know that like alex the aussie wonderkid lol

he check nothing like other admins too!

the play with hacks and say....when i play thry dont cheat! lol how stupid can you are? lol

in other words guys....visit server f the greatest hack in cheat server since i play MP !

yo taste will have alot of fun here...the admins are drunk or not live your dreamd and show your hacks

nobody see that here....oyu only need to hide it when the noobadmins are here LOL

alex alias FF-Kustom....raging racoon beieve everything....he comes at night mabye drunk or so

he dont check that.......he got outher probs in his head

but his a admin....he loves melissa...think thats the milf from storm......

he said to me storm is a freak but he gives him admin....

thats how hte kids think about there clan....okay alex is 20 so what else.....freaky kid.....hehe

like others here.....

this clan nevers seen pros like they call them hack!

today i reach the point to [CENSORED] on this server.....

alex is a good guy with two faces....okay melissa was here...he's love so he talk for here....

thats how a kid think.....

and the other here.........i dont care....haitz...kamil......all guys that our man gonna bring to wall

but that 40 years ago lol

enjoy your time here.....i know i knew some normals in RTCW...but not here....sorry

you just miss EG Elitegamers..... when you born in this clan you are a man......

the rest playing around at server ..... its a shame this server is still online

storm enjoy your time in malta...and dude...please safe your money and stop this server !

you 26 maybe you find another woman in real life.....cause your babe melissa is in love with magic alex....

you dont check this too...i kmow..... lol

thats you storm.......

cya fake parade i love the time i spend here...but are all noobs....cause i saw your real faces....

KIDS are KIDS.....

PS: Alex i will [CENSORED] my babe twice tonight......enjoy!
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Posts : 84
Location : server f - sucks

PostSubject: Re: you wann cheat take server f   09/12/13, 10:21 pm

you are all kids with to much time!
fat....ugly....what ever...
you got your reasons to play here...
without friends its boring....
without a girl you need to fugg your hand Very Happy

so guys cheat an gone

and greez to all the magic admins here...and a big salute to the leader!

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Posts : 84
Location : server f - sucks

PostSubject: Re: you wann cheat take server f   09/12/13, 10:22 pm

and the old ones here   like kirk, swi, wolfman. ario....

they got there live.... Very Happy

without any words!
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Posts : 84
Location : server f - sucks

PostSubject: Re: you wann cheat take server f   09/12/13, 10:25 pm

and please noobs dont replay to this....storm i hope yor erase this no newbie can read the rulez here..

Maybe i play as noob here like kamil or viper.....catch me f catch me LoL

when i got time i will [CENSORED] this server again and again....

thats the way i say thank you noobs!

your fold [CENSORED] server - [CENSORED] members! think about it NY

Over and out
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PostSubject: Re: you wann cheat take server f   

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you wann cheat take server f
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