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PostSubject: Accuse   23/04/12, 04:32 pm

Hi all,
Today while I was playing RTCW, FF-Kustom accused me of Aimbot. Below I'll post a demo done immediately after being accused; and this is my question: Where is my "aimbot" ?
Give me a demo where I cheat if I cheat. Suspect


In 7 years I've been on RTCW, this is the first time someone accuses me of aimbot.
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PostSubject: Re: Accuse   24/04/12, 12:55 am

It was a joke not an accusation

lmao I know you don't have aimbot, I was just getting pissed from losing the match

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PostSubject: Re: Accuse   24/04/12, 04:16 am

Talking about Aimbot.... is Blind Fag banned??
and morwen... any GFC is aimbot or wh, so stand down dude and try to dont fight with FF's
Thanks and Greetings to all

"A true soldier is not who died in a war, is the soldier who continue his life with her."
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PostSubject: Re: Accuse   

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