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Due to the lag in the server, we will be moving the server to a new location.

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RTCW Master Server Is back!! Smile

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 Make your name with NameMaker

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PostSubject: Make your name with NameMaker   16/04/10, 09:02 pm

First download name maker studio , here :

Ok, some of you already wondered how doing colored name, with symbols or not ? It s very easy to realize. When name maker studio is downloaded, first, open it. you will get this :

1) In game/mode , choose Return to castle wolfenstein

2) Thanks to the colors, create your own name . All symbols under the yellow cross are not available in RTCW , they are not recognized, so use all you find above.

3) Once your name created,save it. The final file is a cfg file. When you save, put in in your rtcw main folder , don't forget to give it a name. example : vinz.cfg
Ok now you have to check if all is ok. Open your cfg file with wordpad. You musn't have that : ^^7v^^8i^^8n^4z
delete one ^ near the number. you have to have : ^7v^8i^8n^z . Each time, just one ^ not two !
When it's done, on wordpad, save it, and close.

Now to get your name in game : open the console, type it in , before joining a server, or during a round, as you want :

/exec vinz ( <<< of course you will type the name you chose)

Enjoy Wink
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Make your name with NameMaker
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